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The most recent model of the slides utilized in my presentation at several different conferences is out there in pdf format. An up to date model (final modified on August 13, 2001, aside from the addition of copyright and redistribution phrases on July 19, 2002) is available as browsable html and pdf for letter-sized paper. The paper on it was published at the precise Sciences Colloquium at Uninove, on November 25, vapeallow 2006. There’s a nicer (IMHO) LaTeX rendering too. On Aug 25, 2006, I first presented “As Ações Mais Legais da FSFLA” (the coolest/most legal FSFLA actions) at Festival de Software Livre da Bahia, vapeallow in Lauro de Freitas.

It was additionally offered on May 25, 2007 at IV ESLAM. A shortened model was offered in a spherical table on copyrights, patents and Free Software on May 26, 2007 at IV ESLAM. Guaraná: a Free implementation of the reflective architecture designed throughout my MSc. A pre-release containing one moderately involving example and just about no consumer-oriented documentation :-(, is out there right here. I’m considered one of its present maintainers.

You might discover out extra about this social venture and browse its month-to-month publication in the home web page of Cursinho DCE (in Portuguese). Chances are you’ll discover some source and binary packages for Red Hat Linux that I’ve packaged here. Development snapshots are available right here. Development snapshots are no longer out there, vapepretty since there may be nameless learn-solely access to the CVS tree. Snapshots are usually untested, so use them with care.

Kernel updates are fixed, but if you’d like to install it or use the unique kernels, learn this. Useful after you pvmove the contents of a disk, vapeput substitute it, and need to get back to what you had earlier than. If you want a replica of the (outdated) course notes (additionally in Portuguese), please let me know. The errata of the course notes (in Portuguese) are available on-line. The “ultimate” digital voting system used in Brazil enables outcomes to be published just some hours after polls are closed.

CIVS: the Condorcet Internet Voting System, by Andrew C. Myers. Amanda: a backup system, vapeallright originally by Jaime da Silva. After many displays throughout from 2000 to 2002, it was later presented at FISL 4.0, some time in June, 2003; on Oct 20, 2006, on the III Fórum Cearense de Software Livre. An adapted English version of this speech was offered on Nov 21, 2006, on the 5th International GPLv3 Conference in Tokyo, Japan. It was also introduced on August, 21, 2008, vaporopen at CESoL-CE, vapeallow and elsewhere, mixed with the campaign towards tobraco.

It was first offered to a wide audience on June 4, 2005, at FISL 6.0, after a presentation to prof Tiemi Sakata’s college students in Sorocaba.

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