Sickle Cell Illness – NORD (Nationwide Organization For Uncommon Disorders)

In patients with SCD, the spleen can become enlarged (splenomegaly) as it traps red blood cells that must be within the bloodstream. The spleen features to filter out abnormal purple blood cells and fights some infections such as the bacteria that trigger strep throat. Injury to the spleen leads to decreased means to fight some sometimes mild infections that may develop into life-threatening in SCD.

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Crimson blood cells with regular hemoglobin are easy, disk-formed, and flexible, like doughnuts with out holes. They’ll transfer through the blood vessels easily. Cells with sickle cell hemoglobin are stiff and sticky. When they lose their oxygen, they form into the form of a sickle or crescent, like the letter C. These cells stick together and can’t easily move via the blood vessels. This will block small blood vessels and the motion of healthy, regular oxygen-carrying blood. The blockage may cause ache.

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