Reduction Of Maternal-Infant Transmission Of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Kind 1 With Zidovudine Therapy

Maternal-infant transmission is the first means by which young kids turn out to be contaminated with human immunodeficiency virus kind 1 (HIV)1,2. From 15 to 40 % of infants born to infected mothers turn into infected in utero, throughout labor and supply, or by breast-feeding3-5. Current evidence suggests that the majority maternal-infant HIV transmission occurs late in pregnancy or throughout labor and site ( delivery5-11.


If the HIV-2 EIA is repeatedly reactive, an HIV-2 supplemental take a look at must be performed. Till an FDA-licensed supplemental check for HIV-2 turns into accessible, specimens requiring supplemental testing for HIV-2 ought to be despatched to the suitable state public health laboratory. Solely those sera which can be repeatedly reactive by the combination HIV-1/HIV-2 take a look at, unfavorable or indeterminate by the HIV-1 Western blot, and positive by the licensed HIV-2 EIA must be sent for supplemental HIV-2 testing. An exception to this rule could be an individual with a positive result by HIV-1 Western blot, however with demographic danger components for HIV-2 infection.

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