Essay Writing Services Macau, Essay Writing Services Macau

Essay Writing Services Macau, Essay Writing Services Macau

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Macau is one the most wealthy regions of the globe. According to the World Bank, Macau’s GDP per capita based on purchasing power parity was higher than any other country. It is widely recognized as the most important gambling or gaming capital in the world, despite being far smaller than other cities. Essay Writing Services Macau

Macao-wide English Essay Competition

Macau’s English Essay Contest is an opportunity for students to share their creative ideas, thoughts and communication skills. Learn about the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, challenge yourself, and make a difference in your community!

Competition News and Updates

Awards Ceremony and Results of the Competition

We’re excited to announce the results of the Macao-wide English Essay Competition 2021! You can see the complete list of award winners on our results page. We invite you to join us in a ceremony at Macao Science Center on March 12, 2022. More details below

Essay Collection

The competition will publish the winning essays in an essay book.

This collection will be made available on the internet and printed in paper media. The society hopes to include the voice of students in its development, and encourage Macao to work together to create a sustainable and more resilient future.

Global Dialogue

Urban October recognizes MEEC with pride

Urban October, hosted by UN Habitat is an invitation to all participants in the discussion about urban change and the opportunities it presents for communities, cities and towns. The Macao-wide English Essay Contest is honored to have been recognized as an event that promotes change in conjunction with Urban October and World Habitat Day.

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Essay Writing Services Macau, Essay Writing Services Macau

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